Throwing Tomahawk FlySteel Norse Thrower

From 29,90

The FlySteel Norse Thrower is a great tomahawk with very good value for money. It has a solid Hickory handle. The head shape is very nice for normal and inverted throwing. The head is drilled on both sides and therefore ready to be bolted to the handle (bolt + nut supplied). In short, a lot of qualities! 👍

Version 2 has arrived but with some flaws 😥 You will find more details below.
v3 is already in production!

🚚 Shipped within 0 to 3 working days

Specifications of this FlySteel Throwing Axe


45 cm

Full weight

650 g

Head weight

400 g

Type of handle

Oval de 3cm par 2cm

Distance for 1 rotation

Entre 3m75 et 4m75