To get the most pleasure when throwing axes, the target you throw at really matters. We will see here some possibilities to make your targets yourself.

Make your axe throwing target with boards

The first of the possibilities to make your ax throwing target is to use boards. This is the most accessible way to do it.
On the wall that you can see in the photo, I used 3m boards cut in half to have a 1m50 high wall. They are simply connected by horizontal boards from the back.
Make your wall with dry wood and tighten the boards between them as much as possible. If you have space between boards, you’ll be splitting wood much easier when throwing your axes.
Then if you want to preserve your wall and stick more easily, always moisten your wall before throwing.

This technique is practical for making your first throwing target because it is accessible to everyone. But you will not stick every time with this kind of wall. If you really want to have fun, I advise you to go directly to the rest of the article;)

Make your axe throwing target with tree slices

The second possibility for making your ax throwing target is not much more complicated, but not necessarily accessible to everyone. You will need tree trunks with a large diameter and therefore also a competition chainsaw 🙂
You can start by making a wall using the same principle as stated above. It will be used to receive misses. But it will also be used to fix your three beautiful slices.
They should be cut from soft wood, ideally poplar. To be able to paint a complete target, you need at least 50cm in diameter. But you should know that when you are going to throw on the sides, you will split the wood much more easily so the ideal is to have a larger diameter.
Do not cut too thin slices either to avoid splitting the target or overcoming it too quickly. For ax throwing, you need at least 20cm.

This type of target will be more durable and more pleasant than the previous one. It is still preferable to moisten it before throwing.

Make an “End-grain” target for axe throwing

And finally, you have the possibility of making an “End-grain” target. This is a good alternate solution if you don’t have the possibility to slice into a tree. This option also allows you to throw in the direction of the grain of the wood. The target will therefore be more durable and pleasant.
The key is always to tighten your wooden pieces as much as possible between them. Otherwise you will split your wood when you throw between two pieces.
The advantage of this method is to be able to make panels of the size you want. You can even make a full target wall 🙂

Why you should build multiple targets?

As you can see from the previous photos, most target blocks include three targets. This is to be able to throw only one axe per target. If you throw multiple axes at the same target, you will destroy your gear far too quickly.
And your progress will be much faster if you have several tries before going to collect your axes. You will have the possibility of correcting your gesture more easily with a recent memory of your previous throw.